Drinkers Bundle

Drinkers Bundle

Barmat 1

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It's warm in the Northern Territory, on the best of days, so you'll need to keep hydrated. A real territorian likes a drink or two, or so they say. Do as the locals do and always keep a drink within arms reach. In this pack you get all of the beer coolers we make plus a coupkle barmats to serve as your trusty condensation catchers so you always have a cold drink in the warm wonderland. Deck out your bar and protect your beers while telling your drinking buddies "I'll CU in the NT!".

This Bundle Contains:

  • 2 x CU in the NT Barmats of your choice - Normally $65.98
  • 1 x CU in the NT Stubby/Can Cooler Twin Pack- Normally $17.99
  • 1 x CU in the NT Tallie Cooler - Normally $12.99
  • 1 x CU in the NT Schooner Cooler - Normally $12.99

$111.95 value for $89.99! 

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