The Return of Cracker Day!

The one day we’re encouraged to hit the beers and light bungers is back!

Froth and fireworks. Beers and bungers.

Crackin beers and crackin…. crackers.

Most people call it Territory Day since it marks the start of the Northern Territory's independence. The Territory flag was raised and the Government was sworn in. 


I dunno about all that… And we’re not most people.

Cracker Night is the loosest party this side of the Nullarbor.

It’s like Christmas but instead of little squirts opening Nintendos… Mum and Dad get on the bravery gravy and set the sky alight with legal fireworks. The only day we're allowed to do it.


And it's a bit of a big deal. So do it in style with our special edition Cracker Gear!

It’s the Chrissy sweater of Cracker Day.

That is, if people possibly getting lit on fire and mixing booze and bungers is your style of Christmas.

For those legends who survived Cracker Night, we’re releasing a limited run of commemorative T-Shirts. What a cracker idea! 

Only a handful available while stocks last.

Plus grab 'em now to give the posty a headstart and you can wear it with pride on July 1st.