Mystery Box FAQ

Q: What if I don’t like my gear?

A: We can’t please everyone all the time.
And the beauty of the Mystery Box is that you’ll never know what’s inside until you unpack it. This pack mightn’t be for you if you're on the picky side. But if you’re into taking chances and risking it for the biscuit the CU in the NT mystery box is for you!

Q: Is it just old stuff on sale?

A: We don’t do sales often. All items in our Mystery Boxes are based on their RRP on our site. We guarantee we aren’t stuffing them with clearance type products. All boxes feature bestsellers, premium products and historically popular items loved by our raving fans.

Q: Can I return my items?
A: If something is faulty or doesn’t fit quite right, please see our returns policy here. We can exchange your gear for you quicksmart!